Welcome to Chemmanur

The Origin

What could be a better testimony to our excellence than a tradition that has been passed on over generations? Designing, making and selling jewellery has been a part of Chemmanur family for more than a century now. We traced back our roots to as early as 1863. The knowledge and the expertise has been passed on with diligence and absorbed with utmost reverence till date where we are leaders in the jewellery industry.

The growth of the family business from a traditional set up to a successful jewellery retail chain of modern times was steered by George Chemmanur. He founded Chemmanur Jewelers as an organized business and opened its first showroom in Thrissur, Kerala, in 1976. Since then Chemmanur Jewelers has evolved itself to become what it is today - a trusted and respected jeweler. From gold to diamond to silver jewellery, we have made a mark of own.

We blended trend and tradition without compromising on quality. As an organization, we spread across South India, opened showrooms in the Middle East and grew several organizations under the Chemmanur umbrella. With the support of our people, we continue to explore more and more avenues to reach and succeed.



"To be a trusted market leader in providing quality products that offer value for money and focus on customer satisfaction in the Jewellery, Service and Retail industry, by continual improvement and growth."

Throughout our journey as an organization, we have lived by our core values and worked dedicatedly towards our vision and mission. Our vision, mission and core values have been our leading light and our strong foundation towards building Chemmanur. These values and principles are reflected in our everyday functioning and everyone within the organization is an ambassador of our integrity.



"We will build trust and loyalty, by offering products with high quality, to all of our customers. by offering value for money from a wide selection, at our easily accessible stores, we aim to provide a wonderful shopping experience with service oriented staff.we will continue to serve our society by offering employment and oppurtunites by focusing on development and growth. we aim at profitability with honesty and intergrity."


Core values

  • * quality of product, service and work
  • * integrity and honesty -building trust and loyalty
  • * profitability and sustainability
  • * continuous improvement in all aspects
  • * accessibility
  • * leadership and teamwork
  • * commitment, responsibility and accountability
  • * transparency, openness and clarity in communication
  • * we in chemmanur vow to follow these core values and live by them.
  • * we will practise it in every aspect, towards our company, stakeholders, customers, employees and vendors.
  • * we will not make any decision that will sacrifice these values.

Chemmanur's social responsibility initiatives

Giving back to the society is not an act of charity but a privilege to be able to do so. There is an undeniable connect between the success of any organization and the society. Chemmanur reveres this connect and we have always strived to return the support that society has favoured on us.

We reinforced our commitment to social responsibility by establishing the Chemmanur Charitable Trust that guides our initiatives. In our own humble way, Chemmanur is involved in various activities that have impacted many a lives.

We believe that education is the best gift that we can offer to the generations to come and have established schools and colleges in Kerala and Mangalore.Establishing the Chemmanur Joseph Memorial - Assumption Higher Secondary School in Varandarapilly, Kerala was our return gift to the homeland of Chemmanur. Our founder George Chemmanur hails from this small village whose father was a school master. What could be a better gift to this place than a school that provides quality education. With the response seen from our school in Varandarapilly, we started our next project and built the Chemmanur Devassy Master Government Pre-University College for Women in Balmatta, Mangalore.We made sure that our initiatives reach the underprivileged who cannot afford quality education. Scholarships are granted on a regular basis to help students acquire vocational training to enhance their employability.In our community development initiatives Chemmanur has contributed to the construction of churches, temples and community halls/centres. We built the Chemmanur Joesph Memorial Convention Hall in Indiranagar, Bangalore. The Trust has generously contributed to the construction of St. Thomas Parish – Bangalore and a temple in Thrissur.Chemmanur provides employment to people hailing from remote villages of Kerala, Karnataka, Assam etc. We extend our support to the families of our employees and make sure that the benefits of the growth of our organization reach more and more people.