Anoop Chemmmanur is the managing director of Chemmanur group. With over 15 years in the industry he is the new generation of the Chemmanur family. Born in1977, he spent his childhood in Dubai and Bangalore. Understanding the huge responsibility that he was to take up in the future, he started working in the company at a very young age. Having learnt the importance of discipline and focus from his days at King George Military School in Belgaum, he began his entry into the industry at the roots of the business. Starting from the junior salesman level and working up the levels right from his school days. He spent his college days working in various industries to gain experience and knowledge.

After completing his Bachelor's Degree in business management from Christ College, Bangalore, he went to the United States for post graduation courses in Gemology. He is a graduate in gemology, trained and authorized to certify, gem identification, grade and appraise diamonds and gemstones (precious and semi precious colored stones) from the Gemological Institute of America, California. G.I.A it is the most prestigious orgainsation world wide, having the highest standards and is the authority in the jewellery, luxury, retail trade.He has also completed the following programmes from IIM-Bangalore: Management Programme for Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses and Strategic Management of Luxury Business: Managing Luxury Products & Services - from Concept to Consumer On taking over the mantle of the business, he has since brought in radical changes. Integrating the traditional aspects of the company with innovation and professionalism he has taken the company towards its new growth plans. He engineered the consolidation of all the various group companies and ventured in other sectors like finance, advertising, management cunsultancy services and new retail and service concepts. With the support form his family, chemmanur team, colleagues, well wisher to chemmanur family and not forgetting our patron customers and clients, Anoop plans to take the company to new heights.

A company, its culture and its character are all a reflection of its founder. Chemmanur Jewellers took shape in the mind and heart of our Chairman and founder - Chemmanur Devassy George, popularly known as George Chemmanur. He conceived the organization, fueled it with his vision and steered its growth. If today Chemmanur Jewellers is a trusted and revered organization with a huge customer following, it is the fruit of the hard work of this great man. George Chemmanur was born to Late Chemmanur Devassy Master and Late Annama Devassy in Thrissur District, Kerala. The family was traditionally into jewellery making but interestingly, George's father did not take to this profession.

He was a respected school master in their village. But the seeds of the heritage took life in George and he found his love for this profession at an age as early as sixteen. After completing his high school education and a stint with agriculture along with his father, George entered the jewellery business, which was in the family since 1863.

George was fast to learn the ropes of the trade and mastering it. He established Janatha Jewelers in Varandarapilly as a partnership venture. He then went ahead to the start his own store along with his two brothers Joseph and Vincent at Thrissur, the Chemmanur Jewellers. From then, there was no looking back. George built a relationship of trust with the people of Kerala and opened more jewelry outlets. Leaving his brothers to handle operations in Kerala, he then took the Chemmanur flag abroad to the city of Dubai. After the successful establishment of showrooms in the Middle East, wanting to return to his homeland, George saw huge opportunity in Bangalore and moved there in 1986. It was a brand new phase in the history of Chemmanur Jewellers with over 17 showrooms being added to our fleet across Karnataka and TamilNadu.

Considered as a patriarch of this industry, his experience and knowledge was much respected. The Government of India for industry related issues have consulted George at various times. Being the energetic self that George is, he did not limit his caliber into the jewellery industry. With his profound knowledge and natural flair for finance George served as the Director at The Catholic Syrian Bank in Thrissur for over a decade. A humanitarian by heart, George made sure that philanthropy became a natural extension of Chemmanur's activities. He established schools, colleges, community halls, helped in building temples and churches, and is involved in many more charitable initiatives.

George Chemmanur has seen remarkable success, but this venerable man has never compromised on his modest and humble nature. This has been the secret of his achievement and his mark as a leader. George Chemmanur is married to Lizy George and lives in Bangalore. His son Anoop Chemmanur is the new generation leader, who is the present MD of Chemmanur.