Certification Guide

We help you understand the value of your gold & diamonds through the certification guide that’s a part-and-parcel of this industry. You will get to know the purity of all your precious jewels & gems.
BIS Hallmark (Bureau of Indian Standards): The purity of gold jewellery is certified through BIS Hallmark for all Indian-origin gold jewellery. The engraving includes purity of gold, BIS logo, Assay Centre, and the jeweller’s identification mark.
Chemmanur Jewellers undergo all types of certification processes that ensure a high-quality to our products. We make gold ornaments of different purity according to the needs & requirements of our clients as well as customers. The certification guide helps customers to identify the purity of gold, diamond, or silver jewellery. Also, it helps people to understand the value of gold & how worthy it is to own various products from Chemmanur Jewellers.
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