Diamond and Solitaire Guide

SGL (Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories): The SGL Certificate denotes the diamond weight, color, clarity & gross weight of the jewellery.
CGL (Cambay Gemmological Lab): Denotes the name of the certifier, certificate number, gemstone, or solitaire properties that include shape, cut, color, durability, and carat weight, net weight of the jewellery, and description.
IGI (International Gemmological Institute), which denotes the diamond cut, clarity, & weight of every piece of diamond studded in jewellery.
We, Chemmanur Jewellers, focus on bringing you the best diamond & solitaire around. Our Managing Director, Shri. Anoop Chemmanur is a master in finding the best diamonds for you, with which we design & make jewellery as well as ornaments. The certification guide for diamonds brings clarity & helps customers take the right decision when it comes to choosing their diamond or solitaire.
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