Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gold Saving Scheme offered by Chemmanur Jewellers?

Invest in gold as it never loses its value to anything. It is one of the safest & profitable investments along with any jewellery. Also, it is easy to convert to cash while offering a long-term-growth. With such a tremendous value attached to gold, investing in gold is a sensible option.

What is Chemmanur Diamond Purchase Plan?

Be a member of this scheme, a 24-month plan. You just need to pay a refundable amount of INR 200. Thereafter, you can make monthly INR 1000. Benefits include special diamond rates, no value-addition, and option to transfer the Diamond Purchase Plan to the Gold Purchase Plan at any time. The accumulated amount gets converted into gold at the gold- rate on that day. Be a privileged member. For any gold or diamond ornaments & loose diamonds, the value-addition gets limited to a maximum of 20 grams.

What is Dhanavarsha Savings Plan?

Avail of this 12 months (1 year) plan with an initial refundable fee of INR 50 & a minimum remittance of INR 1000. No value-addition. You pay the full 1-year instalment in the first month & avail of an additional discount of INR 25. After 1 year, withdrawals get done with the aid of monthly receipts. Upon maturity, customers can buy gold/silver for the full amount as per their wish.

What is Swarna Varsha Savings Plan?

Avail this plan by a duly filled up application with a single payment of INR 10,000 along with INR 40 for Non-Refundable Documentation Fee. For remittance amount exceeding more than INR 40,000, you need to furnish an address proof & Pan Card. Benefits include no value addition. You can give the used or damaged ornaments as a remittance. After maturity, you can choose gold ornaments with no value addition.

Does Chemmanur Jewellers offer a loan facility?

Yes, we do offer a loan facility. The customer avails loan from us up to a maximum of 60% to 75% of the gold-value credited to his or her account. It is done by surrendering the receipt or bond issued by us, the Chemmanur Jewellers.
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