Gemstone Guide

Gemstones get used to adding color to jewellery thus making it look more vibrant. Buying gemstones is quite a complicated task as there are many fake colored stones. The price factor of gemstones gets decided by the weight, color-intensity, quality, and rarity along with the country of origin. There are a variety of gemstones, which include ruby, emerald, sapphire, and pearls among others. The birthstones are various gemstones as well. In India, people buy birthstones for luck & prosperity. All gemstones should be observed very keenly to understand its clarity of each cut. Although Ruby comes in with minor inclusions, Sapphire has almost a silky structure with no inclusions at all. We are good at finding the right gemstones for you. If you are looking to buy your birthstone, talk with us & we will help you with the finest cut that has crystal-clarity.
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