Lifetime Exchange

A crisis or change-of-heart can prompt or wish to return the product to us after the expiry of the exchange period. At Chemmanur, we provide you with a lifetime exchange offer or a refund on the basis of the Lifetime Exchange Policy. We offer a good refund amount for any jewellery products from us; be it be gold, silver, or diamond. Also, you can enrol with any of our schemes such as Gold Purchase Plan, Diamond Purchase Plan, Dhanavarsha Savings Plan, or the Swarna Varsha Plan.
Customers can exchange gold coins as well. The refund amount is calculated based on the current value of gold & the present current gold-price; the same for the other two types of jewellery as well. No making or design charges will be paid and the original packaging is considered for calculating the refund or the lifetime exchange amount. In all cases, the current material values of diamond, gold, or silver get decided at the sole discretion of Chemmanur Jewellers. We will deduct the value of any offer availed at the time of purchasing, if applicable in your case.
Get in touch with our customer care team by contacting us through phone or e-mail address.
The product to be exchanged shall be original & accompanied by an original-product certificate along with the original invoice & bills. In case the original certificate cannot be produced by the customer, we will send the product for re-certification before processing your request for the exchange. The shipping cost & the cost for such a certificate shall be the responsibility of customers for the exchange to finalize & go through. We will help you connect with reputed courier partners for shipping the product to us.
We offer polish as well as stone-tightening services along with other repairs, which enhance the jewellery life that might suffer daily wear & tear. The warranty service rendered is not chargeable. Customer will have to bear any extra cost that comes forth; the cost of any extra gold, silver, or diamond material if applicable as required for completing the service- request.
The to-and-fro shipping charges shall be borne by the customer & will be responsible for shipping the product to Chemmanur Jewellers. WE can help you in connecting with reputed courier partners for all the shipping purposes. This policy is deemed void if any third-party jeweller has worked on our products of gold, silver, or diamond jewellery.
We understand that you may apprehensions about online shopping as well as subsequent delivery of products. For ensuring a smooth & streamlined experience, we, Chemmanur Jewellers, collaborate with reputed courier companies/firms who deliver the products to your doorstep.
We urge all customers to inspect the package for any kind of damages or tampering before receiving or signing for receipt at the delivery time. The recipient must provide valid photo- identification proof for collecting the product. The delivery time is subjected to the opening of lockdown resumption of services.
Only a lifetime exchange process is allowed as per this exchange-policy. Chemmanur Jewellers work with customers to get them what they need by taking adequate reviews & feedback about their jewellery products as well as the services they provide.
All our schemes are also included in the lifetime exchange policy. Gold Purchase Plan (GPP), Diamond Purchase Plan (DPP), Dhanavarsha Savings Plan (DSP), and Swarna Varsha Plan (SVP) help you in buying & investing in gold & diamond jewellery.
The gold, diamond, or/and silver jewellery you purchase this way also get included in the lifetime exchange offer and policy.
Chemmanur Jewellers hold the right to change the lifetime exchange policy at any time without any prior notice. The revised policy shall be posted on our website, in such an event.
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