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Corporate Gifting 
In today’s world, corporate gifting goes a long way in facilitating business relationships &
building professional connections between clients as well as customers. The professional
relationship transcends into a strong and trustworthy relationship between the company
along with its employees, suppliers, or vendors. We, Chemmanur Jewellers, understand the
value of corporate gifting & hence, work towards the perfect gift that can develop heart-
warming professional/business relationships. Just connect with us & we will provide you
with the right corporate gift that can be presented to a friendly competitor, sister-concerns,
in-valuable clients, or valued customers. 
Chemmanur Jewellers focus on providing you with the perfect corporate gift. Gold as well as
silver coins or articles. These gold and silver coins get specially designed for ushering in good
luck as well as prosperity. It gets customized properly according to any specific
requirements. So, come & get the corporate gifts that your clients, as well as customers, will
love alike. Add a personal touch to it by talking to us. At Chemmanur Jewellers, we fulfill all
your requirements by providing you cent-percent customization or personalization. The logo
of a company with the name of an employee as a customization/personalization symbol.
Plain gold coins of Chemmanur Jewellers exclusive. All these get packed elegantly and will
be made perfect for corporate gifting. It can also be done via a customized blister & box

packaging. Our trusted courier facility, which we have collaborations with, will deliver these
corporate gifts across India or Dubai.

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